Ending Ceremony/Ceremonie de cloture

Publié le par Samir Azzimani

This show was very special. more spiritual than the opening ceremony. Imagine 60000 people claping there hands and crying with an unbelievable spirit energy during more than one minutes just when the organisator director said"we will remember for long time our last medal"....
You can't imagine how i felt... i was close to cry by joy and fear of this sensation.
When the flam turned off i was a bit desapointed. But the things good  i know, is that the dream will maybe continue, because the Moroccan minister of sport called me and told me that we will continue with more help untill Sochi. So Maybe i will go to the next olympic game. But i have to get a time reflection before to say yes.
Now i will take few days to have rest and to visit th Britich Colombia district. Will send some picture soon

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BERIANE 12/05/2010 14:04

cousin tu est la fierter de tous "tres tres bonne presta"